How To Enter A Bike Race

Bike racing is something that almost anyone can enjoy, whether they are an amateur or a professional. While the sport may not be as popular as other sports, it allows people to receive a lot of benefits. However, may new riders become discouraged after watching how easy the professional riders make the sport look. There are several tips that people can follow to learn how to ride like a professional.

The first thing to work on is endurance. No one ever had the endurance to ride professional distances the first day they got on Read the rest of this entry »

How Does A Bike Racing Event Work?

Amateur bicycle racing is becoming very popular. Whether you’re looking to enter a simple road race or join a multistage mountain bike event, don’t be intimidated. Most bike races involve a simple three-step process.


Early online entry is encouraged to avoid race-day mayhem. Print your receipt and bring it as proof you paid your entry fee. If you delay registration until race day, plan to stand in a long line.


Arrive early to pick a good pit area. If you have a support person, post them at your predesignated water points. During check in, you’ Read the rest of this entry »

Racing Bike Safety: Gear That Is Recommended For Riders

Bike racing is a great way to participate in a competitive sport while getting in a good workout. The most important thing about bike racing is safety. The gear that you wear during your bike races should protect you from injury. The helmet you choose should fit properly and provide protection for your head and skull. Head fractures are a common injury found in bike racing when a helmet is not worn. If your helmet does not Read the rest of this entry »

How To Properly Handle A Racing Bike

Handling your racing bike properly can be tricky if you have never been on one before. You should remember that racing bikes are not the same as your street bike. Racing bikes are designed for speed so they will be lighter as well as a bit higher than your average bike. You should get your new racing bike from a bike shop the employees can help you to get a bike that fits your needs as well as fits you. It is recommended to purchase a helmet Read the rest of this entry »

Racing Bike Technology: How Gears Give Riders An Advantage

Gears on bicycles have been around for over a hundred years and every bike has some sort of gear system even if it is a single gear. Mathematically gear ratios are obtained by taking the number of teeth in the rear sproket and dividing it into the number of teeth in the front sprocket and mutiplying it by the diameter of your wheel. This will give you the distance you would travel on level ground without coasting.

Low gears make it easier to ride up steep Read the rest of this entry »

Racing Bike Technology: How It Helps Riders Increase Speed

An increase in bicycle riding speed is what helps riders to win races. Technological advancements in the design and efficiency of bicycles give riders that increase in speed that they desire. In order to take advantage this technology, you need to have a basic understanding of where it is applied.

Less weight is an advantage that has been pursued since the Italians first introduced light weight aluminum bicycle frames. The speed of many bikes today is the result of incorporating carbon fiber and lighter aluminum composites into the overall frame, handlebars, Read the rest of this entry »

Bike Racing Training Programs That Work

Bike racers know that they need to prepare for the races. Serious racers know that a year-round regimen helps them compete. They cannot just start the training a week before the month of the race. They need to have an exercise bike for the colder months and a traditional bike for the warmer months. The traditional bike should resemble the type of bike they will run.

The bicycle is necessary for the person who wants to race, but it Read the rest of this entry »

Bike Riding for the Adult

So you’ve spent the last couple decades milking your satellite dish capabilities and now you want to take up street bike racing? It’s going to be an uphill battle but it’s a great sport to sink your effort intohere are some tips for the amateur street bike adventurer who’s getting up there.
Start Slow: There’s no reason you should feel like you have to start off at Lance Armstrong pacetake it nice and easy and try to ride daily, Read the rest of this entry »

Bike Racing Tips For Beginners, Intermediate And Advanced Riders

With the Tour De France underway many riders are getting their cycles out in order to practice their skills and begin cycling competitively. In order to be able to compete certain tips are needed and should be used to bring a person into the perfect condition and readiness for any bike race or event.

The essential items every cyclist needs are a bike, hydration, a proper helmet, proper clothing, racing shows, and gloves. Without this equipment it is nearly impossible to partake in any racing event as most organizers Read the rest of this entry »

Race For The Line: Tips That Will Cut Times

This article looks at five greatest foreign NBA players following the closure of the 2010 Olympic Games. Inspiration behind this is attributed to the US national basketball team winning a gold medal.
One of the five greatest NBA players is Tony Parker who hails from France. Tony Parker is among the NBA players who have won the MVP award beating other players like Tim Duncan. Although he cannot be directly compared to Tony Parker, he has consistently scored twenty points in every game. He is Read the rest of this entry »